Stained Glass in Fishguard

Teiliau Tyddewi / The Tiles of St Davids

Stained Glass at the Church of St Peter, Carmarthen

Stained Glass at the Church of St Peter, Lampeter

Hidden Gems: Stained Glass at the Church of St Gwenllwyfo, Anglesey

The Stained Glass at Hafod

The Medieval Tiles of Strata Florida

The Medieval Grotesques of Gresford

Stained Glass at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Tenby

Stained Glass Windows in Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn Church

Selection of book covers and spread.

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'exactly the kind of guide a stained glass historian would wish there was for every church with a significant glass collection.'
Heather Gilderdale Scott on Stained Glass at Hafod in Vidimus December 2016.

During the summer of 2014, small books on the medieval stone grotesques at Gresford and the stained glass at the Church of St Mary, Tenby were written and produced by Martin Crampin. The first was a special limited edition book to accompany an exhibition, 'Patterns, Monsters and Mysteries', while the second was commissioned by the Friends of St Mary's, Tenby.

Sulien Books was subsequently established to publish similar books, building on the success of these two, and the first book to be officially published by Sulien Books was similar to the Gresford book, featuring more new images from the same exhibition. The Medieval Tiles of Strata Florida also summarises the history of the site and decribes the medieval artworks on which the images are based.

The two earlier books were retrosepctively provided with ISBN numbers, as discussions began on collaboration for future projects. Subsequent books have sometimes been co-authored, while all have been designed by, and feature stunning new photography by, Martin Crampin.